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Juan Martinez Travelers Buddy flying drones in Ethiopia

Hi, it´s Juan!

If you are in this page is because you are interesting in watching some of my video content. Let me tell you that I have been filming professionally for more than 2 years (I know that´s not a lot of time). However, in this short period of time I have been able to create very particular and entertaining content for all kinds of media in the travel industry.

Let me show you some examples. From YouTube videos I did just for fun, to visual campaigns I have done for destinations and companies, as well viral travel content for Facebook and even a short documentary for Great Big Story.


Video:  Travel Info: Ethiopia´s White Gold
Contractor: Ethiopian Embassy in Berlin
Filmed: 04.2018

How is life at the most extreme place on earth

Miners in the Afar triangle work at temperatures of 50°C (122F). Life here is completely different as we know it #Ethiopia, #Danaki, #Afar, #Travel

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Video: Cyprus from the Air
Contractor: Cyprus Tourism Office
Filmed: 10.2017
Video: Andros, Bahamas – Caribbean´s biggest secret from the air
Contractor: Bahamas Tourism Board
Filmed: 01.2019
Video: Destination Azerbaijan: Exploring the Land of Fire
Contractor: None
Filmed: 12.2018
Video: Cartagena: Visiting Colombia´s most beautiful city
Contractor: None
Filmed: 12.2017

Cartagena from the Air – Visiting South America´s most beautiful city

We visited Colombia this winter and while Europe is freezing with its low temperatures, we were relaxing at the beach, wandering Cartagena´s magical Old City and having cocktails while watching the sun go down at the horizon of the Caribbean sea.#Travel#Colombia#Cartagena#DJI #Aerial #Drone

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Video: Traveling the World With a 71-Year Old Kayaker
Contractor: Great Big Story (CNN/Warner)
Filmed: 05.2018