Luang Prabang Kuang Si - Uncovering Laos - The unexplored side of South East Asia
Thursday, 18 January 2024 / Published in Asia, Destinations
From magical cultural encounters to outstanding landscapes and delicious food, Laos is a true hidden gem in South East Asia I visited Laos back in 2014. It was part of a Southeast Asia trip I took after university, and Laos seemed to be a quick stop that more adventurous travelers were doing. From my first
Wednesday, 03 February 2016 / Published in TravelBuzz
  South East Asia is one of the most popular regions for backpackers to travel. It is safe, wonderful, full with amazing and different landscapes, cheap and rich in culture. It is also my favourite destination and a great region to start backpacking alone. When most of us hear about South East Asia sometimes we only think of