woman swimming at Jellyfish Lake in Palau
Sunday, 22 December 2019 / Published in Destinations
Swimming with jellyfish is on many people’s bucket list. In this guide I tell you how to get to the Jellyfish Lake in Palau, how much it cost and some extra useful information about it. Probably the single most fascinating spot I went in 2019 was by far the Jellyfish Lake in Palau. This natural
Snorkeling and sea kayaking in Palau’s rock islands
Thursday, 26 September 2019 / Published in Destinations
Although Palau is known worldwide for its diving spots and the jellyfish lake, there is way more to see if you try activities like kayaking or snorkeling at the rock islands in Palau. When we talk about Palau as an adventure and outdoor destination, most travelers think right away on diving at the Rock Islands
The green pledge you have to sign in your passport upon arrival - Palau Pledge
Friday, 13 September 2019 / Published in Travel Journal
While in most countries you get an entry stamp or a visa in your passport upon arrival, Visitors of the island of Palau visitors have to sign a pledge compromising in protecting the environment. I was on my way to Palau and the famous Jellyfish Lake. Minutes before landing, the airline crew screened an inflight
Swimming at the jellyfish lake in Palau
Thursday, 05 September 2019 / Published in Destinations
On the remote island of Palau, a harmless type of golden jellyfish inhabits a completely isolated marine lake. Here, visitors from all over the world come to swim with millions of these unique species in one of the world’s strangest and magical environments. I would have never imagined I could be swimming around jellyfish, but